BDS Admission for the year 2016

BDS Admission for the year 2016

The BDS is a 4-year course and 1 year internship offered by MCODS.


=> Clinical case studies and discussions => Clinical demonstration => Performing various restorations on phantom head and also on patients. => Workshops and seminars.


=> Clinical Practice => Further studies/ fellowships => Master of Dental Surgery and Clinical practice => Teaching => Research Government administrative services Hospital Administration.

MBBS admission for the year 2016

MBBS Admission for the year 2016

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery): The total duration for MBBS is 5½ years includes 4½ years of study in classroom and a year of internship. 4 1/2 year includes 3 sections of 18 months each. Each section of 18 months called as Professional and is further divided into 3 semesters of 6 months each. There is a semester exam at the end of each semester and a Professional exam at the end of each professional. The third professional is devoted to monthly clinical work in the wards and departments of the hospital. In all there are 3 professional examinations, followed by practical and clinical examinations. Pass percentage required is 50%.